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People all across the world are dealing with their own unique challenges and facing a worldwide pandemic doesn't make it easier. Uncertainty has become a thing of the present and instability has become a reality for many. These conditions have people worried, fearful, and on edge.

What is Serenity? How do we find it in today's time? According to the Webster's dictionary "serenity" is the state of being "serene" which means calm and peaceful. In order to survive during these trying times we must find our peaceful place. I'm reminded of the serenity prayer which has a focal point of asking God to give them peace in the mist of uncertainty, the person who writes the prayer asks for serenity in the things they cannot "change". Worrying is a force of habit that we need to unlearn. Life has proven time after time to throw "us" curve balls no matter what ethnical background, gender, sex, religion, culture, or nationality. When we take on worrying it causes other problems that interfere with our health. It has been proven that stress has an effect on blood pressure and worrying can lead to depression etc. We must learn to adjust to the uncertainties of life and accept we are not in control of every outcome that impacts us individually as well as collectively. We must learn to focus on the things that we can change. We have the ability to change our mindsets and how we perceive things that may negatively impact us. We have the ability to take that same energy and use positive reinforcements that will promote peace in the mist of difficult situations. When I attended ungrad I learned about "positive psychology" in my personality psychology class. Positive Psychology is a fairly new form of therapy that seeks to help people identify and focus on positive influences in their life. This is also a therapeutic technique that is used in therapy. This concept was introduced to help people focus more on the bright side of things. This method is put to use in many ways like journaling, creating some form of art and training your mind to express gratitude instead of an attitude about the rollercoaster of life. We are automatically wired to focus on the negative and not the positive. So, I encourage you today no matter who you are or what you are facing to put forth an effort to find your calm, your peace, your serenity and fight to stay there.

Ambassador of Wellness

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